Residential Tree Care

Procedure Domestic Clients
Site Survey

A representative from Oakey Tree Services will visit you to discuss your needs and requirements. He/she will recommend a course of action, which takes into account:

  • The type of trees and their specific requirements.
  • The health of the trees.
  • Any restrictions that should be considered, (e.g. light, aspect and size of the trees).
  • The position of the trees in relation to drains, houses etc.
  • Any safety factors.

The Quotation

Within four working days, you will receive a detailed specification of the work you have requested, in the form of a quotation. Our price will reflect value for money for professional work. The quotation number is a unique reference number for your job, so please quote it in any correspondence.

Your Acceptance

As soon as your acceptance is received, Oakey Tree Services will contact you to confirm acknowledgement of your order. At this stage if required, we carry out an enquiry with your local authority to check whether any Tree Preservation or Conservation Orders exist.

Tree Preservation Orders

We carry out this enquiry on your behalf, free of charge, in order to protect you against unauthorised works. In most cases there are no such orders in place and we will telephone you to arrange a convenient date for work to commence. This process usually takes about three working days.

Where Tree Preservation Orders do exist, we will inform you and we will present an application for tree work on your behalf to the local authority. This is carried out by Oakey Tree Services free of charge. It can take 6-8 weeks for the local authority to determine our request. However, we do everything to keep this time to a minimum and will keep you informed of any progress. Once consent has been received, we will contact you to arrange a convenient date.

The Work

On the date agreed for work to commence, our teams will arrive as near to the specified time as possible. If they are delayed for any reason they will telephone to inform you. Oakey Tree Services use skilled, courteous professionals, who have a genuine interest in the preservation and future of trees. Leading each team is a Foreman. It is his responsibility to liaise closely with you whilst the works are carried out, ensuring that everything is completed correctly and to your satisfaction.

The role of the Foreman:

  • To contact you on arrival and discuss the work with you.
  • To instruct his team to move any breakables or any other items to a position of safety.
  • To carry out works as detailed in the written specification.
  • To take care of surrounding areas/features.
  • To ensure debris is removed. We aim to leave the site cleaner than when we arrived.
  • To check with you that you are completely satisfied before leaving the site.

Stump grinding may be carried out the following day. Payment on completion of the work to your satisfaction is appreciated.

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is that your experience of our professional and efficient service will encourage you to use our service year after year. We hope that you will recommend us to friends, acquaintances and neighbours.

If at any time you have queries or concerns, we will be happy to assist. If for any reason you feel that our service does not meet acceptable standards, we would like to know so that we can improve. We are continually developing our services to meet your needs and expectations.

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